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"Now and then we had the hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be Pirates"

- Mark Twain

Meet the Staff

Behind every great team is a great coaching staff and we're no exception. Meet the awesome people behind the scenes.


Head Coach

Joe Krekeler

"Never Surrender"


Assistant Coach

Todd Balfe

"Reputation Matters"


Goalie Coach


"Stop the puck!"




"I have the bandaids!"




"Au secour!"



Jan Krekeler

"Happy wife, happy life!"



Mike Pinder

Loves long walks on the beach.


Communications & Marketing

Chantal Balfe

"Fight Like a Girl!"


2023 Pirates Select 

CONGRATULATIONS to the last two originals.   Both Eric Moore and Wyatt Krekeler were members of the Pirates Select inaugural team in 2014, They played five seasons with the Select which ended with a Championship in the last tournament of the season at the Nottawasaga Challenge Cup in Alliston Ontario.

 Wyatt continued on with the program after aging out mentoring the new players both as a Black and

 Greybeard and has now taken on an assistant coach role with the team.


Julian Bourgoin 

#2 - Defence

Julian is an exceptional technical defenceman as he sees and reads the plays correctly at both ends of
the ice. He consistently delivers a great break out pass and is deadly with his shot from the point


Eric Sears

#3 - Defence 


Eric is the team captain; he leads not just by speech but action on the ice. An absolute shut down
defenceman and a powerful skater. Equipped with a deadly shot he provides incredible offensive upside
and makes goaltenders shudder when he’s at the point


Ian Beddie

#5 - Defence

Ian is the full package defenceman. Few opponents are allowed an open lane to our goal with him
defending. He transitions the puck quickly and follows up the play to add his overtly offensive threat to
the attack


Evan Hilborn

#6 - Defence

Evan is a fantastic defenceman, who is extremely effective in shutting down play in our end. He is deadly
accurate with his breakout passes and follows up the play quickly to sets up our 5-man offensive threat


Mason Hayward

#8 - Centre

A strong centerman with a good head for the game. He has excellent on-ice vision and can distribute the
puck effectively leading to high danger scoring chances. In addition, he has a nose for the net and the
skill to beat goalies.


Maddox Flood

#9 - Wing 

Maddox is a skilled forward. He is responsible in both ends of the ice; effective in carrying the puck out
of our end and getting the puck deep into the O-zone.


Peter Xipolitakis

#10 - Wing

Peter is a fantastic two way forward, providing great offensive threat as well as stellar defensive play. He
consistently leads effective breakouts.


Connor Coldrey

#11 -  Affilate Wing

Connor is a great dangler displaying his stickhandling prowess as he skirts around defenders and
surprises opposing goaltenders with the speed and strength of his shot


Dean Pilieci

#29 - Goaltender

Dean is an extremely technical goaltender. He tracks and squares up to the shooter exceptionally quickly
and is aggressive with positioning so as to force players to hit him with pucks. Even when mistakes are
made his lightning-fast glove and blocker are rarely beat.


Scott Brooks

#39 - Goaltender

Scott is your “never surrender” goalie. He uses everything at hand to ensure the puck does not cross the
line. An intense competitor, giving his forwards in front of him the confidence to play more aggressively


Matthew Major

#41 - Goaltender

Matthew is an exceptional hybrid goaltender with great rebound control. He aggressively challenges
attacking shooters and provides absolute confidence for the team when he is between the pipes


Sean Joncas

#12 - Center

Sean is an aggressive player with a nose for the goal and the ability to bury the puck. His defensive play
starts in the offensive zone and is evident on the full sheet of ice


Wesley Brennan

#13 - Wing

Wesley is a dynamic offensive forward. He is tenacious in the corner, winning battles for the puck and
making great puck distribution decisions. In addition, he has the skill to bury the puck when given the


Cameron Stanley

#14 - Center

Cameron is a very effective center with a great face-off winning record. He has a nose for the net but is
extremely responsible in his defensive play. Possessing a high hockey IQ, he plays extremely well away
from the puck


Quinn Francis

#15 - Wing

Quinn is primed for speed. With a smothering fore-check and devastating back-check, he gets under the
opponent’s skin and when given the chance he rarely misses on capitalizing on scoring chances.


Zach Leung

#24 - Defence

Alternate Captain

Zach is a centerman, however slotted onto the blue line. He is tenacious in our end, keeping the area in
front of the crease clear and winning pucks in the corner. He is steady on the blue line, but adds that
fourth forward threat in the opponent’s end.


Bruce Jocko

#26 - Defence

Bruce is an excellent stay-at-home defenceman. He is dominate in the corners, ruthless in front of the
net and an absolute wall on our blue line. He makes every opponent nervous to play against him


Brennan McFarlane

#27 - Center

Alternate Captain

Brennan is on his way to become your model power forward. An excellent eye for the game, hard on the
backcheck and defensively sound in our end. He is extremely dangerous with a puck on his blade in the
opponent’s slot


Sacha MacDonald 

#29 - Defence

Sacha is the definition of an offensive defenceman. He is always looking to move up into the play and
put fear into the opposing goaltender with his powerful and accurate slapshot.


Garrett Mason

#16 - Wing

Garrett was made to score goals. He will wiggle, jostle and squeeze his way through defenders to get a
prime spot for a shot on the net. He is always a threat to the opposing team when he is on the ice.


Jackson De Jean

#17 - Wing

Jackson is your quintessential energy player. Jackson uses his speed for effective fore-checking in the o-
zone, expanding our attack time and is an aggressive back checker providing defensive assistance in our


Gavin Legault

#19 - Wing

A dynamic offensive forward with exceptional dangle skills. He is always entertaining to watch on the ice
as he is a high scoring threat whenever he is in the offensive zone.


Matthew Bessuille

#21 - Defence

Matthew has the innate ability to be in the right place at the right time. He always makes the most out
of his opportunities, be it scoring timely goals, intercepting passes or making beautiful breakout passes.
An asset in both ends of the ice

Pirates Select 2019 Midget Division 2nd Place
New England Summer Championship Tournament - Providence, Rhode Island


Trophy Room


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  • Summer Selects - GMA Midget Challenge (Jay Peak, VT) - Finalists

  • Summer Selects - Weekend Hockey Tournament Series, Nottawasaga Resort, Alliston ON - Midget Finalists


  • February Challenge (Jay Peak, Vermont) - Consolation Champions

  • Bradford Blue and Gold (Bradford, Ontario) - Bantam B Finalists

  • Summer Selects - GMA Midget Challenge (Jay Peak, VT) - Midget Finalists

  • Summer Selects - New England Summer Championship, Providence, Rhode Island) Midget Finalists

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