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The Rules

Referee for Ice Hockey waving off a play.

  1. HAVE FUN!!! Dare to be great!

  2. Coaching staff shall be addressed by the prefix "Coach" or simply as "Coach".

  3. Demonstrate respect and courtesy to your coaches, teammates and, officials at all times.

  4. When wearing the Pirate uniform, jacket or golf shirt, you are an ambassador of the game of hockey and the Pirates Select on and off the ice.

  5. Respect your gear and your team uniform.Respect all facilities used during practices, tournaments, and team activities.

  6. Set a good example for your younger teammates.We want to improve ourselves, NOT prove ourselves. During practice, assist your teammates by always performing each element of a practice drill to the best of your ability.

  7. Do not let your teammates cheat themselves by taking short cuts. Help your teammates who are having difficulty by sharing your knowledge and skills. Remember, as each player improves the TEAM improves.

  8. Be prepared to work hard, be prepared to improve and, follow your coaches' directions. Listen to your even your teammates. Everyone here wants you succeed.

  9. Players injured during a game that results in a stoppage of play will be removed to the locker room for a minimum of 10 minutes for observation.

  10. Dinners are device free. I will provide decks of cards. You are welcome to bring travel-sized board games.

  11. Alcohol, tobacco, vaping products and illegal substances are strictly prohibited during any Pirate sanctioned activity.

  12. The internet is permanent. Think before you post pictures to your social media accounts. All content posted to Pirate's social media sites shall be approved by the team Social Media Advisor. If you wouldn't show it to your Mom, don't post it!

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