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The Team Jersey

jersey with a black puck on it

The jersey is an extremely important and powerful piece of our uniform. It is not a right to be able to wear the jersey but a privilege.

When you have that privilege and you pull that jersey over your head and let it rest upon your shoulders and have it fall to your waist it does more than identify you as a part of the team.

It does much, much more; It represents the Country, the Province, and the City we are from. It represents the school you attend, the church you belong to, the area that you reside, the street on which you live, your neighbours, your friends, your family, your coaches, your team mates. It represents you and our team.

All your actions you take in this jersey reflects on everything that your jersey represents, therefore all actions that you take should be what is good and positive about you and the game of hockey.

To this end your jersey will never be placed inside your hockey bag, it shall be transported to and from games on a hanger, it shall be handled and treated with the respect you wish for yourself.

That respect will be extended to your Coaches, your team mates, your opponents and their supporters, the on-ice officials and hockey administrators.

Your Jersey, Our Team!

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